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Mayfield Books

Mayfield is a supplier of local books and specific interest books in the country. They pride themselves as being the most forward-thinking supplier who constantly challenge how they operate to meet the needs of their customers. Mayfield have 4 core values; knowledge, interest, simplicity and trust which they have carried along the way to their success.

Mayfield enable businesses to offer ranges of books and gifts that are a specific interest to their outlet and location making it suitable and personal to that store which in turn can increase sales and maximise profitability.


Needs of Customers

In order for Mayfield to operate and adapt to meet the needs of customers, the company needs a streamlined supply chain. Not just to improve speed, accuracy and efficiency with existing customers, a fully supported EDI system is crucial to lower costs and aids in faster decision-making for the company which is required in order to enter new and changing markets.


Automated Process

XEDI Enterprise crafted an automated process where Mayfield’s customers (such as WHSmith, Tesco and ASDA) are able to send orders through XEDI enterprise to their own ERP system.

Mayfield, the integration service that Mayfield use works within the XEDI EnterpriseTM system to send back invoices back to the retailers. This automated process runs seamlessly without the need for Mayfield to keep monitoring it.


Mayfield Books



Efficient, Fast and Reliable

Mayfield’s goal is to focus solely on their customers, delivering them the best service possible and meeting their requirements. XEDI enterprise has enabled this, the automation aspect has led to speedy and accurate transactions that strengthen relationships between trading partners.

The company has been called “efficient, fast and reliable” in one of their testimonials, a high-quality service from the automated EDI system XEDI EnterpriseTM provided.

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