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Dixons Carphone

Dixons Carphone Plc is Europe’s number one mobile, electrical & technology retailer.

Their expertise and exemplary customer service enables people to engage with the latest consumer electronics from brands such as Apple, Sony and Google.

With over 1100 stores across the UK, Ireland and Europe, and the number one independent mobile online retailer in the UK, the company’s aspiration has always remained the same;
“The future of retail is the integration of Internet and digital services with the retail network“, Sir Charles Dunstone, Dixons Carphone Plc.

In 2014, Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Retail merged to become Dixons Carphone Plc, pooling significant resources and capabilities from both sides. The merger has driven its multi-channel business model to a dominant position, achieving headline revenues of £9.7Bn in 2015/16.


The Challenge

Delivering globally desirable brands from the world’s largest technology companies at scale, demands a robust supply chain powered by EDI.

Central to the way Dixons Carphone meet this challenge is to run its inventory data in sync with its vendors to minimise stock in hand and respond immediately to changing consumer market conditions.

A review of Dixons Carphone’ legacy system concluded that investment should be made in a new, highly secure, highly available and highly scalable enterprise system to integrate Carphone Dixons supply chain opertations with its key global FMCG vendors.


The Solution

A dedicated XEDI Enterprise system was implemented to enable Dixons Carphone to meet the unique requirements of each vendor.

Integrating with multiple back end systems for ordering, reporting, and inventory tracking, XEDI Enterprise ensures integrity and tracability of data transmission between all parties.

Utilising advanced security technologies, XEDI Enterprise delivers clear visibility of trends and forecast data empowering Dixons Carphone to strategically forecast stock planning across the supply chain.


dixons carphone

The Result

Today, Carphone runs a state of the art EDI system that supports company activity with lean, efficient supply chains.

Carphones inventory is now traceable from order to sale as its documentation is processed, reported and managed via its XEDI system.

Information can be easily accessed and used to accurately inform decisions, ensuring that the right products are in the correct stores to fulfil customer demands.

Data is backed up in real time, only transmitted using industry-standard encryption and stored in controlled UK based data centres. XEDI also provides the 24/7 support required to deal with international trading activity.

All in all, Carphone has the robust and secure system it needs to thrive in its highly competitive market.

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