Electronic Trading with 100% of your Suppliers

Frictionless supplier onboarding for EDI and non-EDI suppliers through our web portal

Instant Supplier Onboarding

Transform the way you connect with partners. Our platform redefines onboarding, reducing the typical 9-week to 6-month timeframe to an immediate, single-click process. Effortlessly connect with suppliers and scale your retail operations seamlessly.

Flexible Mappings

Effortlessly transform your EDI data into the formats you need with our dynamic mapping tool. Map fields from EDI to your systems’ formats, ensuring compatibility and seamless data flow across your retail operations.

Invoice Matching
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Invoice Matching

Our automated invoice matching system ensures that what you ordered matches what's delivered. Upon order fulfillment, invoices are generated instantly, streamlining your billing cycle and reducing administrative overhead.

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"XEDI integrates directly with our Netsuite ERP, automating our supply chain"

Marco Crociani | Operations & Logistics Manager
The Cheeky Panda

"With XEDI, our order fulfillment process with ProdTrac is completely synchronised, boosting our efficiency."

Josh Laurier | Operations Director
The English Cheesecake Company Ltd

"Leveraging XEDI with SAP has streamlined our operations, from order intake to invoicing"

Michael Curtis| Supply Chain Co-ordinator

"XEDI consolidates our food supply orders efficiently, streamlining our procurement process"

Lee Kendall | Procurement Director
Tasty Plc

"XEDI powers the full supply chain for mobile phones across all our suppliers"

Steve Chambers | Supply Chain Manager,
Dixons Carphone Plc

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