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Connecting you to Nisa EDI

As an independent retail and wholesale group serving the UK, Nisa places significant emphasis on the value of EDI and supply chain management to bolster its operations

The company employs advanced EDI systems to facilitate smooth, automated interactions with a wide array of suppliers, distributors, and logistics firms

This enables Nisa to maintain real-time inventory levels, speed up order processing, and ensure timely and accurate invoicing

For its trade partners, this results in faster payment cycles, reduced administrative work, and greater transparency in all transactions

By incorporating EDI into its supply chain practices, Nisa successfully upholds its reputation for operational efficiency, making it a reliable and innovative partner in the retail and wholesale sectors

XEDI is fully compliant with all of Nisa EDI requirements, which requires suppliers to process Orders & Invoices.


Connect to your trading partner and get notified as documents flow in. Forward orders to your logistics provider and process shipping documentation

Orders are processed automatically, by looking up product information and conducting product code and pack size translation

As documents progress through your Workflow, they integrate with other systems in real time to act as a coordinated process

Scale up your business by meeting key customer needs. Visualize your data in different ways with customisable reports across multiple companies

Meet the needs of your trading partners

Every EDI system has unique requirements. XEDI intelligently connects to your trading partner, guaranteeing 100% compliance with your trading partners EDI requirements

Forward orders to your warehouse

As new orders are received from your trading partner, XEDI automatically sends a copy to your third party logistics partner, streamlining your order process and improving your performance metrics

Integrate with enterprise solutions

XEDI Enterprise integrates with the worlds most popular platforms as well as connecting directly into your existing systems through our OpenAPI technology

Fully managed support

Get your questions answered by our dedicated team of experts.

We maintain strong relationships with other EDI departments across the globe to ensure any issues are resolved in the fastest possible time.

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Electronic Orders and Invoices with Nisa EDI

XEDI's Electronic Data Interchange system, allows your company to easily and quickly receive electronic orders and send electronic invoices online just as you would check your email. XEDI have over 10 years of experience of providing suppliers and retailers with the tools needed to trade together online.

The XEDI system offers quick and simple integration with Nisa EDI. Electronic ordering and electronic invoicing have eliminated the need for paper files and are as good for the environment as they are for your business.

A world of opportunities with the Nisa EDI system

Using the Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS), our users are able to connect easily with both and with a network of other trading partners, no matter how their EDI is set up.

XEDI will have you connected to Nisa EDI and give you access to a whole network of trading partners in no time, become successful today with XEDI.

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