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Terrastyle UK supply bulk quantities of planters to the UK’s retail and wholesale markets. Their products are manufactured worldwide to the highest specification offering good quality to their customers. Having over 20 years’ experience in the design and production of planters, they specialise in the supply of bespoke pots and promotional items.

Terrastyle work with Europe’s largest logistic company Palletways to distrubute their products to B&Q’s warehouse.

B&Q are Terrastyles main partner, however, when B&Q changed their system and created the B&Q Easier Programme, Terrastyle decided to come on board and work with XEDI who were one of the very first to support this new programme.


B&Q Easier Programme

Terrastyle needed to continue selling their products in B&Q to maintain success rates, therefore, they were required to comply with the B&Q Easier Programme which their old EDI system did not support.

Terrastyle wanted their system to be able to send orders to suppliers back-office system which could enable a more efficient and smooth movement of information.


Meet Customer Needs

When Terrastyle contacted XEDI and set out all their requirements we were happy to be working together. Creating a new and unique system just for Terrastyle meant XEDI were able to meet all their needs.

Terrastyles tailored system allows the production of ASNs, HU labels and manifests as well as receiving dispatch summaries and sending invoices. Their system also integrates with the services of Sage and Delta V6 which allows shipment advice slips to be transmitted to Palletways where dispatch confirmations can be sent in return.




The Result

With Terrastyle working with XEDI they have resulted in a fully featured, cost-effective and tailored system which has enabled them to continue with B&Q and comply with their new B&Q Easier Programme.

The system XEDI provided meant Palletways were able to distrubute Terrastyles products on time and efficiently. The distrubution from B&Q and Wilkinson through XEDI to Sage and Delta and back, is an efficient supply chain which enables real-time visibility into transcation status.

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