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Tasty Plc

Tasty Plc is a branded restaurant operator in the UK’s casual dining market, offering dishes prepared with fresh produce. ‘Wildwood’ and ‘dim t’ are Tasty’s trading brands who operate under the Tasty company umbrella. Tasty currently operates 53 restaurants and has plans for continued expansion.

Wildwood is a small collection of restaurants located around the UK that serve freshly prepared food; grilled cuisine, stone-baked pizza and homemade pasta. It is all cooked and served by staff who are passionate about the quality of their dishes and the customers’ dining experience.

Inspired by their knowledge of the East, dim t serve food with a modern twist. They offer a whole new world of Asian dining for their customers. The restaurants are relaxed and affordable, offering a wide range of oriental dishes and refreshing Chinese teas.


The Challenge

As Tasty is a large restaurant operator, processing thousands of orders a year, it was vulnerable to errors. Instances of restaurants receiving incorrect produce were proving both inconvenient and costly.

It became critically important for Tasty to automate their ordering and invoicing processes, drastically improving accuracy and efficiency.


The Solution

Tasty use a cobmination of Comtrex and Sage solutions, therefore, they took advantage of XEDI’s integration capabilities. Merging multiple ERP data streams, XEDI were well placed to create a system that incorporated Tasty’s existing back office systems.

Tasty’s trading brands and their restaurants now notify Comtrex when they need to re-stock. Comtrex then creates an order which is processed through XEDI’s system and sent to Sage, which then generates an invoice to Tasty.


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The Result

Tasty’s requirements were quite complicated in comparison to XEDI’s other clients, as Tasty’s customers are both their own restaurants and the members of the public.

XEDI were able to design an implement an enterprise system which fully satisfied Tasty’s order process requirements.

XEDI provides Tasty with a centralised streamlined process, which in turn, saves Tasty manual administration time. As a result, orders and invoices are processed accurately and automatically.

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