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Law Distribution

Law Distribution is a leading logistics provider for major retailers across the United Kingdom.

Their expertise in warehousing, transportation, and distribution allows retailers to efficiently manage their supply chain operations.

With fulfillment centers strategically located across the UK, Law Distribution provides comprehensive logistics solutions to meet the evolving needs of retailers and their customers.

Their commitment to excellence has made them a trusted partner for many of Britain’s most successful retail brands.


The Challenge

Processing a high volume of orders and coordinating deliveries from multiple suppliers requires a robust and integrated system for electronic data interchange (EDI).

As one of Law Distribution’s largest retail partners, Aldi required a streamlined EDI solution to handle purchase orders, advance ship notices (ASNs), and other critical supply chain documents.


The Solution

To address this challenge, Law Distribution partnered with XEDI, a leading provider of EDI solutions for logistics companies.

XEDI implemented a solution that seamlessly integrated with Law Distribution’s LocateIT WMS, enabling the exchange of critical supply chain data with Aldi.

This solution allowed Law Distribution to meet Aldi’s unique EDI requirements, facilitating the efficient processing of purchase orders and consolidating ASNs.

By integrating with multiple back-end systems for ordering, reporting, and inventory tracking, XEDI ensured data integrity and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Utilising advanced security protocols, XEDI provided Law Distribution with clear visibility into trends and forecast data, empowering them to strategically plan and optimise their inventory levels across their fulfillment network.


The Result

With the implementation of this solution, Law Distribution now operates a state-of-the-art system that supports their operations with lean and efficient supply chains.

Their inventory is fully traceable from order to delivery, as all documentation is processed, reported, and managed through the XEDI system.

Supply chain data is backed up in real-time, transmitted using industry-standard encryption, and stored in secure UK-based data centers.

XEDI’s 24/7 support ensures that Law Distribution can handle international trading activities around the clock.

Overall, Law Distribution has gained a robust and secure EDI system that enables them to thrive in the highly competitive logistics industry, meeting the demanding requirements of their retail partners while optimising their supply chain operations.

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