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How to connect to Walmart EDI

Introduction to connecting to Walmart EDI

Connecting to Walmart EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is essential for suppliers who want to streamline their order processing and ensure compliance with Walmart’s requirements. XEDI simplifies this process, providing a seamless connection to Walmart and other major retailers. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to connect to Walmart EDI using XEDI.

Step 1

Understanding EDI and Its Benefits Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows businesses to exchange documents electronically in a standardised format. Benefits include:

  • Reduced paperwork and manual entry
  • Faster order processing
  • Improved accuracy and reduced errors
  • Better inventory management


Step 2

Setting Up Your XEDI Account To get started with XEDI:

  1. Sign Up: Visit the XEDI website and sign up for an account.
  2. Choose Your Plan: Select the plan that best fits your business needs. XEDI offers various plans tailored to different business sizes and requirements.


Step 3 

Configuring Walmart EDI Settings

  1. Access Your Dashboard: Log in to your XEDI account and navigate to the dashboard.
  2. Add Walmart as a Trading Partner: Use the ‘Add Partner’ feature to add Walmart to your list of trading partners. Ensure you input the correct details for Walmart’s EDI specifications.
  3. Map Your Documents: Configure the document mappings to ensure that the data sent to and received from Walmart is correctly interpreted by your system.


Step 4

Testing Your EDI Connection

  1. Send Test Transactions: Before going live, it’s crucial to send test transactions to Walmart to ensure that all data is being transmitted correctly.
  2. Verify Compliance: Check that your EDI setup complies with Walmart’s requirements. XEDI provides tools and support to help you meet these standards.


Step 5

Going Live Once testing is complete and your setup is verified:

  1. Begin Live Transactions: Start sending and receiving live EDI transactions with Walmart.
  2. Monitor and Optimize: Use XEDI’s monitoring tools to keep track of your transactions and optimize your processes for better efficiency.

Support and Resources XEDI offers comprehensive support to help you at every step:

  • Knowledge Base: Access detailed guides and FAQs on the XEDI support centre.
  • Customer Support: Contact XEDI’s support team for personalised assistance.

Conclusion Connecting to Walmart EDI with XEDI can significantly enhance your business operations by automating and streamlining your order processing. With XEDI’s powerful platform and dedicated support, integrating with Walmart’s EDI system becomes a straightforward process.

For more detailed information and to get started, visit XEDI.

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