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XEDI Conforms to GDPR

GDPR is the latest regulation in EU law on data protection. XEDI has planned and launched its new GDPR Website.

To also simplify the user experience your login details are identical to your XEDI portal login.


How does XEDI handle your data?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, replaces the current UK Data Protection Act with a European-wide set of rules that all companies within the EU have to adhere to.

It requires a granular level of privacy in an organisation’s systems and a customer-friendly, fully detailed disclosure of the data a company holds about their customers.

If a user is paying with an external method they will have to contact their provider to check if they are GDPR secure.


Your personal information currently held by XEDI

You can find all personally identifiable information we hold about you in this portal.

If you would like your details updated, please make the necessary amendments through the portal..


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