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The Conair Group Ltd handles brands such as Babyliss, Cuisinart and Revlon

As the industry leading manufacturer of haircare, beauty and grooming worldwide, Conair import and distribute products including hairdryers, straighteners, tongs and crimpers, hair clippers and trimmers.

Conair maintains a global reach through web shops and traditional retail outlets, turning over more than £80M annually. Maintianing accurate data pertaining to stock levels, orders and deliveries is of paramount importance. This information is collated and used to make key decsions based on consumer market trends as well as identifying potential bottlenecks in the supply chain.


The Challenge

Conair have web-shops in a number of countries. Avoiding time delays is crucial to the company’s success and key in delivering in excess of one million orders generated every year. The group is always striving to improve delivery times, lower inventories and shorten lead times.

This drive for continual improvement and need to increase real-time visibility led to the requirement of a robust EDI solution, able to manage persistant, largescale data-flows whilst adhering to the company’s stringent delivery requirements.


The Solution

XEDI created a unique data flow solution for Conair. Orders from their global web shops, now go through the dedicated XEDI Enterprise system which directly integrates into their core SAP platform.

This allows The Conair Group to quickly access and process orders in real-time. The metrics are then used to accurately predict sales patterns and trends, keeping stock levels to a minumim whilst maintaining a consistent delivery schedule.



The Result

XEDI Enterprise has enabled Conair to follow a demand-driven approach rather than relying on a supply-driven business model.

Real-time visibility means Conair can seamlessly respond to changing customer and market demands, significantly improving strategic decision making.

XEDI Enterprise is the cornerstone to this data stream, enabling reliable forecasting, reducing uncertainty and increasing profitability by ensuring the highest possible efficiency in the supply chain.

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