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Henry Diaper

Henry Diaper, a distinguished freight forwarding and warehousing provider, has been serving the UK market since 1860.

Renowned for its expertise, Henry Diaper offers specialised bonded and dry bond warehouses, authorised for bulk storage by AEO, LME, and FEMAS.

This expertise simplifies the complexities of import and export processes.


The Challenge

Henry Diaper is always improving how they manage warehousing and shipping processes, handling large amounts of orders and deliveries efficiently.

When SPAR needed better integration for sharing important documents like purchase orders and shipping notices, Henry Diaper saw a chance to boost their efficiency.

They aimed to work more closely with SPAR and enhance how they work together.



The Solution

To address this challenge head-on, Henry Diaper partnered with XEDI, a leading EDI provider for logistics companies.

Through strategic collaboration, XEDI implemented a system that seamlessly integrated with Henry Diaper’s warehouse management and freight forwarding operations which enabled the efficient exchange of EDI documents with clients like SPAR.

This solution empowered Henry Diaper to meet SPAR’s unique EDI requirements, streamlining the processing of purchase orders and consolidating ASNs.

Through meticulous integration across multiple systems, XEDI ensured data integrity, traceability, and the efficient flow of information throughout the supply chain.


The Result

The outcome of this collaborative effort was significant.

With XEDI’s EDI solution, Henry Diaper now operates a state-of-the-art system that supports its freight forwarding and bonded warehousing services with lean, efficient supply chain processes.

Documentation undergoes accurate processing, reporting, and management through the XEDI system, providing full traceability from inbound shipments to outbound deliveries.

Data is securely backed up, encrypted, and stored in UK data centers, with 24/7 support ensuring seamless international trading activities.

With these transformative advancements, Henry Diaper can fully leverage its expertise in bulk storage and freight forwarding capabilities, thereby simplifying the complexities of importing and exporting for its customers.

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