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Asda (Walmart) is a household name in the UK, the company are the third largest supermarket chain in the country and are known for selling quality goods at competitive prices, and for their successful advertising campaigns such as the memorable "Asda price" TV ads.

Asda is a subsidiary of the multinational Walmart corporation which is as well known globally as the Asda brand is on these shores, making them an ideal retail partner. Becoming compatible with Asda EDI is simple with Web EDI.

Become compatible with Asda EDI

Asda prefer suppliers to be set up with the "AS2" type of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for trading, with Web EDI we'll communicate with Asda EDI automatically for you using the Trading Grid Messaging Service (TGMS). There's no additional training required, you won't need any instruction manuals and there's nothing to pay upfront.

Simply take the Web EDI tour to get started and we'll do the rest. In no time at all you'll be ready to trade with Asda EDI as well as a network of other potential trading partners to give your company a competitive edge.

Trade electronically with Asda EDI

At Web EDI we have over a decade of experience with connecting businesses through EDI, allowing retailers and suppliers to begin trading together with no fuss, reducing man hours and saving your company time and money as well as helping to maintain our environment by reducing paper waste with electronic ordering and electronic invoicing.

Join Web EDI today to begin trading with Asda EDI and the many other trading partners we'll connect you to. There are no hidden fees or charges up front, you won't even need to download any software or plug ins.

Connecting you to the world

Web EDI supports the EDI requirements of every trading partner, worldwide.

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Connect to any partner and get notified as documents flow in. Forward orders to your logistics provider and process shipping documentation.

Orders are processed automatically, by looking up product information and conducting product code and pack size translation.

As documents progress through your Workflow, they integrate with other systems in real time to act as a coordinated process.

Scale up your business by meeting key customer needs. Visualize your data in different ways with customisable reports across multiple companies.

Meeting the needs of your trading partners

Every EDI system has unique requirements. Web EDI intelligently connects to your trading partners, guaranteeing 100% compliance with every retailer worldwide.

Fulfil orders without delay

As new orders are received, Web EDI automatically sends a copy to your third party logistics partner, streamlining your order process and improving your performance metrics.


XEDI Enterprise integrates with the worlds most popular platforms as well as connecting directly into your existing systems through our OpenAPI technology.

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