Message Delivery Monitoring Assistant© is the latest features now available to the customers of XEDI.


Similar to XEDI’s Document Message Tracking, Message Delivery Monitoring Assistant removes the fire and forget nature of sending EDI. Typically a user that sends an EDI document over a network would have to contact the trading partner to confirm if the file has been received.

In response to customer’s concerns, we decided to develop a system that would automatically monitor each and every EDI document passing through the system, ensuring they reach their destination.

XEDI checks all the sent EDI documents every morning to see if files have been received by the trading partners. Having an integrated feature like this will assist users in knowing if they have to chase up file delivery or not. The image on the left shows a few examples of EDI Documents that have been successfully delivered, this is obvious because files that have been delivered will have a green tick. Files without a green tick inform the user that the file has not been received If this occurs customers are more than welcome to get in contact with XEDI’s support team.

EDI Message Delivery Monitoring Assistant

This technology gives users insight into their EDI documents, this reduces the risk of missing orders and unpaid invoices.

This information used to be exclusive to the support team, however, now this information is available to XEDI customers in their dashboards.


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