You’re a supplier looking to get started in the EDI world, but how would you become EDI capable?

Becoming EDI capable can often confuse businesses looking to get involved in the EDI world. Most trading partners will often insist that their suppliers are capable of processing electronic business documents. And not all suppliers are large enough to viably employ an EDI team.

However, what if we told you that needing an in housed dedicated EDI team was no longer the only option. XEDI is dedicated to helping suppliers have a chance at trading with major retailers for a low price tag.

EDI Compliant

Let’s get EDI capable

Using XEDI makes becoming 100% EDI compliant very simple.  Simply choose the right pricing plan for you, complete the checkout and you’ll be given your own EDI mailbox code.  This can then be passed on to your trading partner and they will complete the connection from their end. The support team at XEDI are always on hand to answer any questions and even help fill out your supplier onboarding forms.

Benefits to becoming EDI capable

EDI capable customers with XEDI will be able to send and receive electronic documents between trading partners. This is perfect for small businesses because it removes the need to physically send data.

Businesses utilizing EDI software will typically make fewer errors, Overall improving workflow and efficiency. While we’re on the topic of human error, XEDI will translate jargon by outputting the data in an understandable user-friendly formate.

Another benefit to an EDI service is ASN (Advanced Shipping notice) this system will send invoice requests to companies that are running out of a certain item. This is a benefit because it makes a task like re-ordering products stress-less and more efficient.

Why choose XEDI?

EDI capable customers no longer have to worry about sending and receiving of EDI documents. Our Document Message Tracker flags issues before they become a problem. Then our proactive technical support team will correct the issue. Customers will also have access to Message Delivery Monitoring Assistant©, This tool verifies if everything is correct before an EDI file is transmitted over the EDI network.

Your data is safe with us. Fully featured EDI, free for 30 days