Check Out XEDI’s Brand New GDPR Site

GDPR is the latest regulation in EU law on data protection, although there are still many weeks away before its legal enforcement XEDI has planned ahead and launched its new GDPR Website.

The first thing you will realise when visiting the new site is the familiar feel, XEDI wanted customers to feel at home and not scared away when it comes to their data.

In addition to this, the site uses a darker colour scheme to give a clear indication to the user that they’re using the GDPR site.

To also simplify the user experience your login details are identical to your XEDI portal login.

Once you have logged into the new site you will be greeted with this dashboard.

We will now break down the site and explain each feature in depth.


External Billing User 

Some users might notice when they log into the GDPR portal that they’re missing the billing navigation button, There is no need to panic.

XEDI will only display the Billing information if they have the data internally.

If a user is paying with an external method they will have to contact their provider to check if they are GDPR secure.

Internal Billing User 

How does XEDI handle your data?

GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, replaces the current UK Data Protection Act with a European wide set of rules that all companies within the EU have to adhere to.
It requires a granular level of privacy in an organisation’s systems, and a customer friendly, fully detailed disclosure about the data a company holds about their customers.

Your personal information currently held by XEDI

You can find all the personally identifiable infomation we hold about you in this portal.

If you would like your details updated, please make the ammendemnts below and click the ‘Request Modification’ button at the bottom.

Your data is safe with us. Fully featured EDI, free for 30 days